It is important to note that The Living Vine is not simply a shelter for young women who are pregnant. If that is what a young woman is looking for, then this is not the place for her. Rather, it is a place of healing, where the young woman allows God to change her life and deal with the problems that may have brought her to her point of crisis. Pregnancy is not the problem --- it is only a symptom of a much deeper hurt or emotional scar. 
Before a young woman is admitted into The Living Vine, she must have a desire for God to change her life; it cannot be someone else's desire for her. If that is indeed her own desire, then this can be the place where she can find true healing.


  • A TB skin test, a VDRL, and a vaginal smear administered by a physician or health department. The test must be administered no more than two weeks prior to placement or a letter from the physician that these tests cannot be performed at this time with the previous test results.
  • An appointment with the Director of Admissions to review the guidelines and take a tour of the home.
  • A counseling session with the Director at the discretion of Dir. of Admissions.
  • The medical records from a complete OB examination is required, as well as proof of pregnancy.
  • A copy of your birth certificate. This will not be returned. Please do NOT send the original.
  • An official picture ID ( a Driver's License is permitted).
  • All school age residents must provide a report card and or a withdrawal letter from the last school attended.
  • Bring only clothing listed on the resident personal sheet. There is not enough storage space for other things. A small closet and dresser will be provided in which to keep your personal belongings.
  • Must be on Medicaid or any other insurance plan to cover medical charges upon admission to The Living Vine.
  • Each resident will need spending money for recreational activities. $15.00/week ($60.00/month) is required. A $25.00 deposit is required when you move into the home, and will be returned to you when you leave the program if all criteria described in guidelines are met. Residents are financially responsible for all their personal toiletry items and the funds to return to their place or origin.

The Living Vine
Personal Items for Residents

3 jeans/overalls
2 long pants
2 skirts
3 bras
3 pajamas
2 slips
1 coat
3 pr. shoes (dress, casual, slippers)
3 shorts
3 mat. blouses
5 underwear
5 pr. socks
1 pocketbook
1 sweater
2 dresses
3 T-shirts
2 gowns
2 pantyhose
1 bathrobe
3 sweatshirts
make up
1 curling iron
hair spray
1 pick
1 perfume
1 toothpaste
polish remover
liquid detergent
soap/shower gel
1 blow dryer
1 brush
1 body spray
1 toothbrush
1 small laundry basket
1 comb
body lotion
1 dental floss
nail polish
fingernail clippers


2 pr. earrings
1 necklace
1 watch
2 rings
2 pens
1 notebook
school books
1 blanket
1 journal
1 set of sheets (these are provided by our home)
2 pencils
1 pillow
1 stuffed animal
1 picture
2 sets of towels (anything other than white; we provide towels as well)
1 Bible (KJ, NKJ, NIV, NAS, Student Study)

Items not listed above may NOT be brought. Extra items must be approved.


The following are acceptable medications to bring with you:
Mylanta II
Riopan Plus
Robitussin Plain

If any resident needs any of the above medication, you must bring for your use.

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